Profit Partners Summit

During the weekend of  October 13th I was lucky enough to find myself at the Sheraton Hotel in Phoenix Az for the Profit Partners Summit networking event. It was hosted by, a powerful networking entity that connects like minded individuals on the journey to financial and independent success through B2B businesses as well as consumer-related marketing companies. Some of the key speakers for the event included Mr. Mark Victor Hansen, former Warren Buffet CEO Steve Rodgers, and even John Leslie Brown, son of  internationally renowned motivational coach and speaker Les Brown.


Can anyone say what is your 100 year plan! The summit spoke about how to create a systematic repeatable method to build and continue wealth for decades and generations to come. It centered around keeping the age old belief of community, relationship, and trust. Let every potential contact and networking possibility complement you and your desires for your own business while also allowing yourself to help others in their pursuit of the similar dreams. The motto was let everyone succeed or no one at all.

Some more tips for building lasting relationships involved realizing that you need more quality people around you instead of more quantity. Converse with a person and love what they give off before you ever pull out a business card, because not everyone will work well together. We all know that from past and current job positions. Accept that fact and build relationships that will be nurtured and sustain. Listen to whomever you are trying to connect with. Then if you decide that the person can be an asset to you, offer yourself to help them succeed. For instance if the person is a realtor and you are an insurance provider, try to give them leads before you ever expect the same from them. This builds trust and a winning record that you are looking out for everyone’s best interest, not only yourself.

If the person does not fit into what you need for your business aspects, do the same anyway. You never know who they may know or what connections they may have. Remember, we are all just one person away from the key target of someone who can take us to where we need to be. Make sure that if someone does give you a business card or shows interest in assistance or the need for assistance, to reach out to them either by phone, text, email, letter, or the most effective way if possible, in person. If you incorporate some of these techniques into your business plan you will see results. Also, is a great platform whether you are in the US or have a company internationally, to join and they will do their part in making sure that you get the  top notch referrals that could change the spectrum of your company’s growth pattern exponentially. It only takes five to twelve quality contacts and networking partners to see up to 80% net growth. And who out there could use that in your lives? I know I could.


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Phoenix Fashion Week

Have you ever had a moment when you think, whoa this is so surreal. Well, this happened to me a few weeks ago when by chance I came upon an event like no other. Phoenix Fashion Week is an internationally known and recognized fashion forward event where designers from as far is the Phillipinnes and even Africa come to attend and showcase their fashion lines. From couture to sports paraphernalia, you can find it at this week long event. Long story short I emailed the volunteer coordinator to see if I could possibly give a helping hand, although it was just a week until the event began. It was a long shot but it paid off wonderfully. I ended up volunteering on the most prestigious day, or night, which was the couture night. The dresses! Oh my. My official title was a fashion ambassador, which consisted of showing patrons to their seats and filling in where needed for the cameras.

Needless to say this will look great on my resume, and to top it off I had a conversation with the coordinator who stated that she usually is very particular about who she allows to volunteer since it is such an important event. But as it came down to the finishing touches she ended up just relaxing on her protocol. Can anyone say perfect timing!

Now I have built a networking contact for many more events to come. And it was all because I simply sent an email instead of just assuming that the event had all the people they needed to complete a spectacular event. Above are just a few pictures from the first night, in which I was a patron and also the last night where I volunteered. The event was from October 5-7 2017 at the Talking Stick Casino and Resort.



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I’s A Professional Na’

After going to my second open call here in Phoenix ( back in July..and right after my first baseball game) I was signed by an agency!! My move and my efforts are paying off finally in less than four months. Here is a link to my page which broadcasts a few pictures from my photo shoot…

If you know of anyone looking for a dedicated actress or plus size model send them my way. The information on my agency is in the link also. Now all I have to do is complete my Masters in screenwriting.. and we in dere!

I really do appreciate everyone who has followed my blog since the beginning. I will have more writings and updates to come in the future. We are all great at something. Find your way and sustain it with truth.


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Firsts come in Threes



Scottsdale, AZ June 2017

Since coming back home to the US exactly two months ago I have embarked on some firsts in my life. I am currently living in Arizona, the first southwestern state past Texas that I have ever visited.

Then last week I ate my first plate of chicken and waffles (mundane I know but it is a clever way to throw in I am eating meat again, but in moderation) -and lastly and most interesting enough, I will finally (fingers crossed) be meeting my first favorite bird of them all-FredBird- of the St. Louis Cardinals. I learned about this mascot on a week long trip to visit my cousin Dierdre in 2005. She wanted me to take a pic up there but the team,along with Fredbird of course, was at an away game.

The moment will happen when I attend my first ever baseball game at Chase Field here in Phoenix. This is technically four firsts but two are intertwined-just like my first hot dog and singing of the national anthem. The local team are the Diamondbacks and although I will root for them, my heart will be in taking the picture with Fredbird.

By the way if you haven’t noticed, I am still eating my cauliflower religiously, AND I have a new wig. I also haven’t had much occasion to vlog on my youtube channel-Tales from the Vlog- but expect some footage from my ‘tryst’ with the bird…smile.

chicken & waffles and eggplant with quinoa and roasted green beans-yum

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Chop Suey Noodles

Once again I have found a simple concoction of ramen noodles and a whole lot of goodness and tastiness. I boiled the ramen noodles as per the package and place some miso paste,

chop suey, sriracha, and soy sauce in a bowl. When the noodles are finished I place them along with the water from the pot into the bowl and mix together. The flavor reminds me of hot and sour soup with soy sauce (which is how I always eat it). This is another easy and healthy enough meal for those who may not want to slave in the kitchen for too long.

For lunch I made sesame noodles, krautchi, and a coleslaw mixture with sesame seeds and sesame oil to replace the napa cabbage mixture this week. Thanks kiddos.

If you didn’t know sauer kraut or even fermented napa cabbage is a great snack for pets. While making the krautchi this week I gave my babies a wonderful snack and they loved me for it.  Also, if you have never heard of chop suey, it is a mixture of chinese vegetables such as bamboo shoots, carrots, bean sprouts, minature corn, and a bit more things I am not sure of. It tastes great in the soup though.

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Sesame Ramen


Since coming back to Zagreb I have tried to continue eating on the right path for my palate and health. I started out eating glass noodles, but at about six dollars equivalency for two portions it was becoming an expensive delicacy. I have found an alternative in ramen noodles. Instead of using the spices included in the package, which is a lot of salt and sometimes not very tasty, I just boil the noodles and drain them, then lightly coat them with sesame oil and sesame seed. The flavor is wonderful. It is light and refreshing, and when coupled with my krautchi (which I now use sriracha instead of chipotle sauce to flavor) and some napa cabbage and nori mix, the meal is one worth catching. Eaten alone it is also a quick and easy meal if you really don’t have a taste for anything really.

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Home Made Apple Sauce

What does one do when left with a whole case full of apples but no desire to eat them the way they are. Make apple sauce! I usually enjoy eating granny smith apples due to their tartness but was gifted with a 5 pound bag of others (the ones that are greenish, yellowish, and sometimes reddish) with no appetite for consuming them. After that sat around for about a month I was considering on throwing them away or heading to Maksimir Park (in Zagreb, Croatia) to feed them to the birds, when I considered turning them into sauce. It turned out superbly. I never knew how easy it was to make apple sauce. I just cut the apples (about 15) into little pieces and boiled them in a few cups of water until the water was soaked up and the apples easy mashable. It took about 30-40 minutes, and then I added a few cinnamon sticks after mashing and let it set on the stove for another hour to blend the flavor. Then I refrigerated it. It definitely tastes like the homemade apple sauce that I have purchased in the grocery stores, especially with the chunky texture. If you prefer smoother apple sauce then just blend it down in a mixer and voila. No added preservatives or sugars and it tastes awesome. Yeah me!

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