Firsts come in Threes



Scottsdale, AZ June 2017

Since coming back home to the US exactly two months ago I have embarked on some firsts in my life. I am currently living in Arizona, the first southwestern state past Texas that I have ever visited.

Then last week I ate my first plate of chicken and waffles (mundane I know but it is a clever way to throw in I am eating meat again, but in moderation) -and lastly and most interesting enough, I will finally (fingers crossed) be meeting my first favorite bird of them all-FredBird- of the St. Louis Cardinals. I learned about this mascot on a week long trip to visit my cousin Dierdre in 2005. She wanted me to take a pic up there but the team,along with Fredbird of course, was at an away game.

The moment will happen when I attend my first ever baseball game at Chase Field here in Phoenix. This is technically four firsts but two are intertwined-just like my first hot dog and singing of the national anthem. The local team are the Diamondbacks and although I will root for them, my heart will be in taking the picture with Fredbird.

By the way if you haven’t noticed, I am still eating my cauliflower religiously, AND I have a new wig. I also haven’t had much occasion to vlog on my youtube channel-Tales from the Vlog- but expect some footage from my ‘tryst’ with the bird…smile.

chicken & waffles and eggplant with quinoa and roasted green beans-yum

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