Home Made Apple Sauce

What does one do when left with a whole case full of apples but no desire to eat them the way they are. Make apple sauce! I usually enjoy eating granny smith apples due to their tartness but was gifted with a 5 pound bag of others (the ones that are greenish, yellowish, and sometimes reddish) with no appetite for consuming them. After that sat around for about a month I was considering on throwing them away or heading to Maksimir Park (in Zagreb, Croatia) to feed them to the birds, when I considered turning them into sauce. It turned out superbly. I never knew how easy it was to make apple sauce. I just cut the apples (about 15) into little pieces and boiled them in a few cups of water until the water was soaked up and the apples easy mashable. It took about 30-40 minutes, and then I added a few cinnamon sticks after mashing and let it set on the stove for another hour to blend the flavor. Then I refrigerated it. It definitely tastes like the homemade apple sauce that I have purchased in the grocery stores, especially with the chunky texture. If you prefer smoother apple sauce then just blend it down in a mixer and voila. No added preservatives or sugars and it tastes awesome. Yeah me!

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