Chop Suey Noodles

Once again I have found a simple concoction of ramen noodles and a whole lot of goodness and tastiness. I boiled the ramen noodles as per the package and place some miso paste,

chop suey, sriracha, and soy sauce in a bowl. When the noodles are finished I place them along with the water from the pot into the bowl and mix together. The flavor reminds me of hot and sour soup with soy sauce (which is how I always eat it). This is another easy and healthy enough meal for those who may not want to slave in the kitchen for too long.

For lunch I made sesame noodles, krautchi, and a coleslaw mixture with sesame seeds and sesame oil to replace the napa cabbage mixture this week. Thanks kiddos.

If you didn’t know sauer kraut or even fermented napa cabbage is a great snack for pets. While making the krautchi this week I gave my babies a wonderful snack and they loved me for it.  Also, if you have never heard of chop suey, it is a mixture of chinese vegetables such as bamboo shoots, carrots, bean sprouts, minature corn, and a bit more things I am not sure of. It tastes great in the soup though.

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