Where the North Wind Blows


For the past 6 months now I have been travelling Europe more thoroughly than not, and my travels have ended me back in the country where I received my first ever visa. Before this I had only lived and visited a limited number of countries within a year and a half, France, Italy, Slovenia, and of course Croatia. Since August though, I have had the opportunity to travel or live in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, and now again Croatia. These frequent movements taught me how important it is to travel lightly and flexibly.

No matter how good a plan it is, there will always be twists and turns. Mine began while in Montenegro, when I had assumed that there would be a train that connected this country to the next. Unfortunately it didnt and I had to backtrack to Serbia, where I learned again of the lack of train connections, which seemed to had been confirmed online. Luckily I learned of a wonderful and cheap alternative in GEA tourist travels, where they drive you from Beograd to many locations for as little as 15 euro one way. They are based out of Serbia so there is no way of getting around going into Beograd, but if you have the patience and the time this is the cheapest way to travel in between countries where the train system has lapsed. My travels to and from Bosnia was only 30 euros, and from Beograd to Zagreb was only 25 euros. This beats a train ride any day, as this company uses small vehicles or vans to transport. The bonus is that they allowed my pets to ride free, of course they were secured in their travel containers.

I have learned how to travel more efficiently and economically while living abroad, and I do plan on using these skills when I finally do arrive back home. I also have learned how to eat more cleanly. The food in these pictures have become a staple in my home. I love my krautchi, as well as steamed rice and miso with lettuce. I also tried a new concoction of my own, I steamed napa cabbage (where luckily konzum on Britanski Trg carries it-although I am still looking for Korean flakes), and then tossed it with sesame oil, sesame seed, and toasted seaweed. I threw in some fresh carrots and voila! Eating this way gives me more pleasure in the taste and textures of the veggies that I am having. I am also trimming down on the pounds which was not a part of the plan, but is a pleasant side effect.

I also made some spring rolls since Spring has finally rolled in. Yeah me for expanding my horizon and trying new and exciting things.

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