How to Enjoy Hya’s Lounge Area

Every time I post new work or any literature on this page I will try to pair it with a mood setting drink and a link to the recipe for those who would like to sip while enjoying my poetry, short stories, or fits of rage.. Either way a good drink is a good drink.

*Check out the new Vape Room section for a smell of my aromatic thoughts*

Please leave comments on any of my work if you would like me to elaborate on its content or the thought behind it.Or if you would like a piece of work expanded further.

Also check out Hya’s Brew to find a concoction of melody to listen to while reading and open it up in a separate window for a steady stream.

First all time favorite..Amaretto Sour.

This drink is good because it goes down smooth and sweet…just like a good man.

For entries please look for them in the categories to the right under the proper headings.


Now that you have your drink and song..sit back..relax..and enjoy the show.

Tamuriel L. Dillard