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First things first I suppose. My name is Tamuriel Dillard and I am officially a world traveler. I was born and raised in the southern part of the U.S-Birmingham, Alabama to be exact. My desire to travel started at a young age, with my first trip out of state (without parents) being the capitol, D.C., when I was in the 7th grade. Since then I have traveled there again and to many other destinations around North America, and even spent about a week- for my senior trip- in Cancun, Mexico. I lived for about a year in the state of Washington in 2014 before embarking on my most recent adventure in Europe.

Web Page Name: Where did I come up with the name Ivanka Damus…………

Well, after receiving my resident permit in Croatia, where I am currently stationed, I chose a native name that I felt encompassed my being. Ivanka was it. It is an older name within society, but I love it nonetheless. Ivankadamusout# came about from facebook posts that I felt a certain impulse to share my two cents in..so it became somewhat of a moniker of my posts there. My desire is to do the same here when the need arises.

Hyacinth..what is in a name. I have been in love with this name since meeting a female in undergrad who was from Atlanta. I had never heard of such a beautiful name. Then when I was briefly married to a man whose native land was in Africa, he would tell me how the Hyacinth would destroy crops because of its strength in multiplying in water. I love water. So it sticks with me and I with it.

Ok now that is over and you know a little background info on why I chose the names as I did..I will tell you what I expect to accomplish with this blog. Basically I want to share my experiences in traveling around the world, giving tips on what is to be expected that some may overlook. I can only specify things in the countries that I have been to, but I am sure that the basics can be transferred to any and all countries that may pique your interest.

I am also an aspiring actor, plus size model, and a current graduate student in Creative Writing with a concentration in Screenwriting, so here you will be able to find poems and short stories of mine, plus any other works of interest that appeal. I would like to get any feedback on potential inspiration of works that I am doing, and see where any followers that I gather will lead me in this journey for creative flow. Any and all comments are welcome. Thanks again for stopping by.