Phoenix Fashion Week

Have you ever had a moment when you think, whoa this is so surreal. Well, this happened to me a few weeks ago when by chance I came upon an event like no other. Phoenix Fashion Week is an internationally known and recognized fashion forward event where designers from as far is the Phillipinnes and even Africa come to attend and showcase their fashion lines. From couture to sports paraphernalia, you can find it at this week long event. Long story short I emailed the volunteer coordinator to see if I could possibly give a helping hand, although it was just a week until the event began. It was a long shot but it paid off wonderfully. I ended up volunteering on the most prestigious day, or night, which was the couture night. The dresses! Oh my. My official title was a fashion ambassador, which consisted of showing patrons to their seats and filling in where needed for the cameras.

Needless to say this will look great on my resume, and to top it off I had a conversation with the coordinator who stated that she usually is very particular about who she allows to volunteer since it is such an important event. But as it came down to the finishing touches she ended up just relaxing on her protocol. Can anyone say perfect timing!

Now I have built a networking contact for many more events to come. And it was all because I simply sent an email instead of just assuming that the event had all the people they needed to complete a spectacular event. Above are just a few pictures from the first night, in which I was a patron and also the last night where I volunteered. The event was from October 5-7 2017 at the Talking Stick Casino and Resort.



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