Vegan ‘Cinnamon Oblivion’ Recipe

This recipe is inspired by my all time favorite dessert, which is from Outback restaurant. I used to order it all the time alongside the Queensland Chicken salad. Oh, those were the days. It is made with all vegan friendly ingredients, and suprisingly does taste like the real thing.


Chia Seeds


Vanilla flavored soy yogurt

(I used Alpro brand)

Crunchy granola

(I used Verival  Bio Beerer Crunchy)

Frozen mixed wild berries

(I used the one with strawberries, blueberries, and cranberries)

Place the granola in the oven to warm. Put chia seeds and cinnamon in a bowl and add the soy yogurt. Mix lightly. Top with frozen berries. Then when the granola is warm put on top of mixture and mix until coated.

The frozen berries and vanilla flavor stand in for the vanilla ice cream used in the dessert. The berries as they melt also taste like the raspberry sauce that I always chose to place on my dessert instead of caramel. The cinnamon takes the place of the cinnamon apples, which are so decadent, but has too much sugar. The granola is the crunchy chocolate croutons that I used to love so dearly.

Even if you have never tried a Cinnamon Oblivian:cinnamon

this dessert is very tasty and a healthier version for those who are lactose intolerant or dont desire to eat animal by products such as is found in the ice cream and whipped topping. The chia seeds are added in to give a boost of fiber, protein, omega vitamins, and other important nutrients.

Here is a few pictures of me preparing the dessert.






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