Minestrone ‘Krautchi’ Soup

So I have just learned the nutty flavor of quinoa and decided to use put it in a vegetable and bean soup. I soaked the minestrone beans overnight before cooking in order to prep it for easier digestion.

I also wanted to try out making kimchi, but since I am in a foreign country I chose not to ferment my own cabbage. Instead I went the lazy route and bought a fermented whole cabbage in the produce department.

Ingredients for Soup:

Mixed beans -oaked overnight for easier digestion-

(I used a minestrone mixture)

Frozen green beans


Fresh Tomato


I drained the beans and placed them in a pot with water to boil. I also added tomatoes since I wanted them to become stewed. After about thirty minutes I added the frozen green beans and salt to taste. My quinoa was precooked so I added it in last right before taking it off the eye. If you don’t have any precooked then you can wash them and then boil them for 15 minutes then add them to the mix, or throw them in 15 to 20 minutes before you finish cooking. Either way it gives a nice chew, grainy, nutty texture sort of like fresh oatmeal.

Although it needed small preparation the flavor was delicious and it is definitely a healthy choice especially for the wintertime. Quinoa is also a very healthy addition as it packs in lysine and other amino acids as well as being a complete protein and a good source of manganese which promotes healthy bones.



Fermented cabbage

Fresh Carrot

Fresh Garlic

Yellow Onion

Chipotle Hot Sauce

(I used heinz brand)

Shred and chop the carrots, garlic, and onion and mix with hot sauce by hand in a bowl or container. Chop the cabbage to your taste. Mix it into the other ingredients and voila. It honestly tastes just like kimchi.

I had never purchased a fermented whole cabbage before but it works great for those who dont want to use jarred sauerkraut as it may be too shredded. Kimchi is usually made with napa or Chinese cabbage, but the cabbage I used was the regular one in the store.

Normal kimchi and also sauerkraut have natural probiotic functions and therefore is great for your digestive system and decreasing the overgrowth of yeast in your body by packing the body with healthy bacteria.

Also, this chipotle sauce is heavenly. I have also been eating cauliflower ‘bites’ with this sauce as the coating and it is so good. The grocery store selection is limited where I am currently living (in Montenegro), so I dont have the option of looking for Korean spices.

It definitely saved time and concern since I am not in my native country so don’t I want to get sick over trying to ferment anything. Another thing I noticed about the cabbage was this white milky substance, which I learned to be kahm yeast. It is not harmful and all I had to do was rinse it off and enjoy the pickled veggie. Cheers to trying new things!


I served the krautchi as a garnish on top of the soup. Delicious.






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