The Issue of the Candida


I have had problems with yeast under my breasts, as I am a large chested woman, since I was a teenager and it has been a slow uphill battle to find a definitive cure for chronic breakouts. I also have recurring vaginal yeast due to the same imbalance of healthy bacteria due to poor diet, as most Americans have.

In the past I tried probiotics in supplemental form, probably in my early 20’s to no avail, as it seemed to make my stomache get even more irritated. I have also tried yogurt, but with my dairy intolerance it also caused an adverse reaction. The only suggestion I received was to take a strong yeast fighting medicine called diflucan consistently, and indefinitely. All was well until I travelled overseas and it seems like this regimen is frowned upon.

Since I have had yet another issue I have decided to try again alternative methods. I just purchased some oil of oregano which I have read helps with antifungal issues. It smells very nice, a bit like mint, and it tingles like tea tree oil. I put one drop in a teaspoon each of olive oil and placed it on my bedside to use as a topical ointment. We shall see if it stands up to the hype.

Also, I was reintroduced to a product that I use for my hair health as it also seems to be helpful in fighting yeast. Apple cider vinegar can be drank warm with a splash of lemon and cayenne pepper to help cleanse the body. I have started drinking this in the evening and morning to do more to regulate a healthier gut flora.

I also bought some more probiotic supplements, which is infused with b vitamins. I hate taking pills but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to make the body sing in unison. While I was at the health food section I also picked up some nutritional yeast to add to my vegan/vegetarian food journey. I wondered if it would be contraindicated to my yeast problem, but I read that it should not have any negative impact. Again we shall see.

I did learn that coconut oil and also fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut are natural probiotics and help fight candidias by replenishing your gut with healthy bacteria.

If you are having any similar problems then check out this website I know that I have been waiting nearly 20 years if not longer for this sort of information.



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