Crna Gora on the Rocks

If anyone has seen the Casino Royale 007 movie, they may have heard of the country that I now reside in. I saw the movie back in 2014 while still living in the state of Washington, and had to google it to make sure that it existed. Montenegro, or the black mountains, is a small country that formerly belonged in Yugoslavia, along with Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Serbia, and Macedonia. I am happy to state that I have been to almost all of these countries, save for Macedonia and Bosnia, but I do plan on visiting Sarajevo in the near future. These are truly beautiful lands carved with rich history and culture.

The actual movie scene was from what I researched, shot in the Czech Republic, but Montenegro definitely has some top spots that could have been used. On a day trip from the capitol of Podgorica, I traveled a few hours and was able to see three different towns-Rijeka Crnojevica, Budva, and Kotor.

The first is less than thirty minutes away and it is a historic fishing town. It has its roots all the way back to the beginning of the Ottoman empire ruling in the area. The residents of Podgorica fled to the mountains to escape the Turkish army. They thrived in the rough terrain since the Ottomans did not know the land as well as them. The fishing town is not very populated now, but it is still a gem to visit as it sits in the presence of Skadar Lake, a popular tourist destination via the national park.

Budva was my next stop, which was an hour away. It honestly reminded me of Monaco, just a smaller version, and much more beautiful due to the adriatic sea surrounding it. The water is so crystal clear that it is enchanting to sit and stare into the horizon. There are portions of the old town walls from the medieval ages still in existence, and the prices are much more palatable than Monaco.

After leaving, thirty minutes later I was in Kotor. It is one of the most preserved locations in Montenegro as being authentic and approved via UNESCO as a protected establishment. The old town has a backdrop of a mountainous fortress that looks amazing around dusk. In all the locations were unique in their own way, and it is amazing to find so much history and picturesque moments in such a small country.

Check out my youtube channel at Tales from the Vlog to see a video on this trip or you can just click here

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