What Happens to A Dream Deferred


It has been several months now since I have written a travel blog. During this time I have spent a couple of months in Germany, as well as a few weeks in Austria, followed by a weekend in Hungary, and now I have planted once again in Montenegro. One would think that while in Germany I would jump at the chance of seeing my childhood dream castle, Neuschwanstein. Faced with a long-term desire of mine, it ended in a change of direction. Maybe because it was such a long time coming, or maybe it is because I have grown apart from really wanting to see the castle. It should be kept in memory as such, or maybe one day I will finally see it. Either way, the moment was not ripe.

In Austria I spent most of my time there visiting my boyfriend’s family. We managed to squeeze in a night walk around the Schonnbrunn Palace, which was the childhood home of Mary Antoinette. Then we embarked on a two and a half hour train ride to Budapest. By far this city is the most scenic and entertaining. It has so much history and landmarks that it was hard to visit everywhere in three days. Of course it didn’t happen, but oh did we try. I learned the two sides of the land, the BUDA or ‘hills’ portion and the PEST pronounced ‘pesht’ meaning the flat side of the area. There is even a statue of liberty sitting high up on one of buda’s peaks.

In all I would definitely revisit this place, and I didn’t even feel this way about Paris. The one thing I feel unfortunate about not experiencing this time is the world renowned baths that the city is known for. Honestly this city was never on my plan list to travel to in Europe, but I can definitely say that it was a refreshing surprise. I have yet to see the beauty of Montenegro, but I hope to chronicle this soon in an upcoming blog so stay tuned…img_0094

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  1. Mel & Suan says:

    Well you need to share more!

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