The audience’s chants had become like a drug for me. “ELFA” “ELFA” “ELFA”. Definitely intoxicating to say the least. This was the ‘Grande’ performance of my career. My retirement night. And I was going all out in full effect. Literally. I had been one of the trailblazers of my day, having started my entertainment career later in life. What could I do to make myself unique?

When the newest procedure came out on the market I thought to myself-Why not, what’s the worst that could happen? The idea had been sparked by one of the Smith kids back in the day. His quote was astronomical albeit a bit hastily made on his end. He wanted to be known as an artist, without the limitation of prejudice. But once he had turned eighteen he soon realized the error in becoming a eunich. Needless to say the thought was already airborne, being formulated in labs and science projects all over the world. The result became real. Within a few years an injection was on the market to dilute the skin cells into the world’s most elaborate nature scenes. Instead of seeing skin color you saw art. The most beautiful, glorious, piece of artwork imaginable. The art of humans. My claim to fame came in the color scheme I chose for my cabaret acts. I focused on natural tones that encompassed all of human pigments, but I was the first to incorporate landscape ideals. My first ‘experiment’ was as the sky. I came out on stage in full array with nothing but my birthday suit on, illuminated by the gels flowing through my body, and I thought. I thought about the warm Arizona sun basking over the horizon of the desert morning. It was a break from the norm indeed. Other artists desired to keep it main stream and preformulate their looks, but I was a daredevil. I wanted to be one with mother nature again. As I danced to India Aries song ‘Brown Skin’, my body turned into a hologram of delight. It takes a strong mind to force the liquid to bend to your will, and I didn’t know how strong I was until I saw the playback from my routine. A star was born. After that I started to prefabricate most of it but I always kept a special minute or two when I was winding down, stretched across a chair or bent over a prop to really show my fans what I was made of.

The best performances were made that way. I became known for by natural skin color’s tendency to promote reds and blues in a swirling burst of kaleidoscope. This is what I always started my dances off with. Then I sanded it down and let the gels prickle down like an hour glass in full tilt. The lava scene was usually next.  When I wanted to evoke sadness, the winning move was darkened clouds of blue and purple that transformed into ashes which swirled into a burst of short mists. It brought my art form, Dark Caberet, to a whole new era-and the ELFA to the forefront of demand. The politically correct terminology for my genre is hydrogen aided liquid effects. Being the creative mind I crafted an acronym that worked to my advantage. ELFA became my stage name-Earth Loving Fx Artist. Now back to the question at hand as I walk out onstage to perform my last dance, starting it off with Rhi Rhi’s “Work, work work work work”.

What could be the worst that could happen? Freedom. Sweet freedom.


Tamuriel Dillard

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