YouTube Channel

I have finally formulated a way to get more exposure on my journey to success in the acting and writing industry. My channel name is Doing T in Croatia and here is the link to two of the videos I have currently uploaded…


Once I design the page it  (hopefully) should look like this..

Vlog categories:

Weekly Pit Stops (vlog chronicling my day to day issues in Croatia)

Pet Fix (adorable short videos broadcasting my two doggies)

Action Circle (topics and info on plus size modeling and acting)

Vape Room (spoken word and info on my publishing goals and writing group)

The Travelling Girl (tips and footage of the places I will travel while in Europe)



This is definitely a learning experience for me as I have never edited videos or even until recently watched youtube on the regular. My desire is to spread my work out further than a blog could ever do and hopefully it will open more doors for me in the future. Wish me luck in this new venture. I will still post new work onto my blog and will use both platforms to promote the other. These first two videos were horrible but I am proud because they are my first and I was too excited to wait until I bought better equipment. I can only go up from here guys!

I also have a trip to Venice planned on next month, plus I will also try the service to see where my bloodline traces back to. I have also done an online account for modeling scouts, so maybe that will create new avenues. So there are exciting topics to discuss in the near future. Just hold on and enjoy the ride. I know I will.


Tamuriel L. Dillard

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