Till My Time Comes


A sparkle in his eye,

The sweet smell of his cologne,

Gazing into his eyes on a fresh new morn.

Not till my time comes.

A casual conversation on the phone,

Cooking him dinner-can’t wait till he comes home.

Buying him spontaneous gifts of love.

(sigh) Not till my time comes.

Wedding bells jingling

Seeing rings make me jittery

For my time to come.

Yet I hold on longer,

Trusting in the Lord to make me stronger

To endure my mind’s questions of how much longer,

While I’m just

Waiting till my time comes.

New relationships are blooming, never had a real one for myself.

Feels like I can’t hold on any longer,

Trying not to ponder the secrets that God has shown me.

Could it be impatience for the timing of God?

Or could it be me just wanting to get my way?

-I just want to see my time come-

Not really knowing if I actually want it right now.

Having been so long without the fellowship of someone I like.

But there is no doubt that this union shall come to be,

Until then, the time will be a hidden mystery.


Tamuriel L. Dillard

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