It’s the sweetest surprise

As I watch him arrive

After not seeing him all day.

Looking into his eyes,

Keeps me mesmerized,

Like watching a symphony at play.


His voice rides my skin,

Like the vibes of a finely tuned bass violin-

Tantalizing how his hands and body decide to join in.


Amazed that he has something to say,

A man of few words, but that’s okay.

Oh how his vocals are so soothing,

Keeping in beat with the way his

Lips and cheeks are moving.

It’s the sweetest melody when he plays for me that way.

Can’t help but think-

Epitome of excellence

As I embrace his masculine presence

When he walks to stand right next to me.

His stomach flexes,

Muscles of a premium cut-

Sending me a message

That he is leaning in for a kiss.

Giving me a reason to reminisce.


Tamuriel L. Dillard


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