I’m Really His Ego



‘Hey what’s up girl. Ms. Stranger. I was just

Looking for my cat’s lost cousin’ or

Something like that he said. I guess that was a ploy to

Deter me from why he is really here, maybe hoping

That I find pleasure in the fact that he has deemed me

As recognizable.” Oh did you really see me on the cover

Of ‘IT’S ALL ABOUT ME’ magazine, standing

Beside my new self?

Sure did. Especially since he mailed me a copy.

Of course I didn’t say

That aloud. He tries so hard not to let

Me see he is just as vulnerable as I am.

Sometimes I feel like lashing out at him

To tell him what’s really on my

Mind. Then I remember I, yes I am

The one that has to protect his heart

And it’s me, yes me who can hold him together. To sustain his

Pride it happens, just like clock work the countdown begins

5-Wow. That sounds so exciting

4-You really are talented. You know I….-

3-Ooh. You actually traveled there, one day I-

2Yes, I know you own your own business.

1-That is interesting, really it is.

-oops, I’m losing momentum-

Look, maybe you and I can talk-

‘Um, look shawty, I really don’t have time for a relationship

-about me!

-with you’

Happens every time.

Tamuriel L. Dillard


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