As If




Placing me in her scene as I walked into the room,

Her eyes stalked my every move like Tom watches Jerry.

As if she knows me,

My eyes naively embraced her gaze.

Her eyes rolled as thunder, catching me off guard like a

Spring shower in May.

My mind captivated “by what manner of insanity could this be?”

I wished that she would finish, but she just kept right on

Killing me softly with her stare.

Then she released me as easily as I had been caught in her contemptuous snare.

Sensing a sweet aroma of masculinity in the air, her focus was drawn elsewhere.

They ran pass like gazelles in high pursuit of his presence,

Almost pushing me aside, trying to erase me out of the scene

To stake claim to my territory.

Then, her friend clung on to my man as if she knew him.

She clearly don’t know me.


Tamuriel L. Dillard

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