When I design,

creations are drawn away from captivity, held up from times past,

freeing you from deceptions of a home that will never last.

When I dream,

I envision doors of prosperity opening up to you,

knowing that the benefits of God are definitely your due.

When I pray,

seeds of hope are planted in the air,

shielding you with intercessions from all despair.

When I achieve,

I lay up solid foundations for you to build upon,

you are rewarded with the promises that I have won.

When I dance,

smooth rhythms of jazz flow from my every move,

prophesying intimate moments that it shall take to conceive you.

When I travel,

my borders are enlarged with the knowledge of you in me.

gently nestled inside of my territory.

When I cry,

tears of excitement rush from my eyes,

knowing that in the Lord you will never have to compromise.

When I laugh,

new beginnings flow from my prognostic voice,

perceiving in “a moment’s time” a reason to rejoice.

When I consider my breasts,

pure milk will flow to minister to your cries,

nurturing you to receive strong meat that edifies.

When I obey,

I’ll keep myself from death and strife,

yielding a precious gift, my child, called life.

When I think,

I can’t abort the thought of you.

conceiving your beautiful image, so afresh and anew.

When I breathe,

God grants the thrusts that will quickly release,

the seed from my womb, giving birth to you my everlasting ‘Peace’.


Tamuriel L. Dillard


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