Toy Soldiers



With a single massive thrust we were airborne.

Then there was a stillness, and utter silence.

It took a moment to realize what had happened, our playing field

had been violently ripped from our grasps.

Then a siren and footsteps, people chattering about how this was not

suppose to happen so close to the safe zone.

My thoughts wandered back over my life, my first walk, first kiss at

summer camp.I was to graduate next week from the fifth grade. My cap

and gown hung neatly in my parent’s closet, awaiting the special day.

I winced as feeling started to come back into my lifeless limbs.

Good thing school taught us how to pray in silence, because my face

was so numb.

As I felt myself being lifted into the air, I could finally hear my father’s

voice over all the commotion.Through blood stained eyes I vaguely saw his

outline as I was wheeled by him.

I tried to smile- to show him that his little girl was  O.K.  He’d be proud that

I turned out tough as nails as folks always called him. I raised my hand in a

silent salute and was astonished to see my father cry.

Tamuriel L. Dillard

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