The Detour


The day was already turning out to be one of the hottest the summer had seen when I first laid eyes on him. He walked slowly, thumb outstretched, as the sun drenched streets baked with humidity paraded steamy mirages around his masculine figure. My foot slightly lifted from the accelerator, buying me time before I was to pass., giving me time to take in the spectacle that I would later learn to be Ash.  He had a sun kissed complexion, slim physique, and stood fairly at 5’11. His jet black hair glistened in the sun, and sweat and perspiration had all but wielded his blue jeans and black cotton shirt to him, revealing a nicely sculpted and well defined muscular torso. As I approached him, he turned and my gaze briefly met his gray pupils. I mouthed the word sorry as I passed him, intent on sticking firmly to my daily routine of stopping for gas and coffee before I headed into work. Never in a million years would I dare pick up a hitch hiker, especially one so distracting. I could see my mother swoon at the thought while my father recited the Dahmers and Mansons that hitchhiked as their MO. I smiled to myself as I turned into the only gas station in our town. With a population of merely 1,500, the town council deemed it unnecessary to support building another. Our only saving grace was the freshly erected Starbucks that sat in the middle of town, a beacon of light to all suffering the angst of living in a place a short 50 miles from the grand lights of Las Vegas. Maybe this scarcity was an attempt to hold on to a time gone by, a picturesque antiquity of yester year.  The serene desert backdrop gave an old town feel, and is what decisively made my final decision to lay down roots and teach at the College of Arts, after earning my own Ph.D. in the bowels of sin city itself.

I placed my Tacoma in park and quickly jostled into the station, being ever so mindful that my first class began in thirty minutes.

“Morning Abbey”, I said to the teenage clerk behind the counter. A slight nod and quick wave was her reply as her eyes steadfastly remained on whatever had her attention on the other side of the linoleum partition. After pouring my daily source of caffeine I leaned in closer against the counter and caught a glimpse of college applications.

“I hope that one of those is to our prestigious institutions? Abbey you know that your mother would just die if you were to go any further”, I chided with a smirk. She returned an equally mocking look as she rolled her eyes “I wish I would Miss Rochelle, I’m about to pull my hair out if I don’t get far enough away from this place. My mom will just have to write me from the other side.  I laughed lightly as I gave her money for my gas and cup of Joe.  “I need $50 on pump three,” I said and turned a little as I heard the door bell jingle as another patron entered. My eyes widened as I recognized the man that I had passed on the street. “Can anyone tell me the nearest Greyhound station?” he inquired with a slight Middle Eastern dialect.

“It’s about fifteen miles going that way” Abbey replied, pointing in the direction that he was headed. My stomach sank at the thought of this man travelling that far, on foot, in such heat. The forecast was already in the triple digits and it wasn’t yet nine o’clock. After a few moments of silent deliberation I finally spoke. “Is that where you are headed, because that is on my way to class. I can give you a lift if you like.” He looked at me with disregard, and I was positive that he was cursing me under his breath for zooming pass him not even five minutes ago.

“If it is not too much to ask, I know you must be in a hurry.” He said with a blank look on his perfectly bronzed face.

“No not at all, like I said it’s on my way.  Well Abbey tell your mom we’re still on for our dinner date.” I said hastily and hurried out the door before she had any time to object to the two lies that I had just told. Neither was the college anywhere near the bus station, nor had I made plans to visit her mother. She was older than I and we hung out in separate crowds. The latter was thrown in as a safe caution just in case my handsome companion devised any deviant plans on the way. Like my Nana used to always say, safety first. As we embarked toward our destination he sat in quiet reserve.    After nearly four minutes in utter silence I decided to break the ice. “Hey, I’m really sorry for passing by you before, but I was going to be late for a class I teach.”

“Won’t still you be late?” He replied.

Ignoring his snide remark I continued, “My name is Rochelle by the way. So you are catching the Greyhound? Where are you from?” I asked, hoping that I would get a better response from this stranger of mine. “The South”, was his full response. “The South” I mimicked “of what? France, Germany, Egypt?” It was evident that he was clearly not from the Southern parts of the United States. He looked at me with the coolest stance and dodged all of the questions that I had posed. “Can we stop so that I can clean up?” His simple request would put me at least forty five minutes to an hour later than I had planned, but looking at his appearance it was impossible to deny his request.

“Sure, but please make it quick.” As we came up to a cheap motel with its vacancy light blinking, I asked if it was decent and with a nod of approval we pulled into the parking lot. I left my car in idle as he went inside to pay the clerk the hourly rate, and called my job to notify them of the delay and to cancel my first class. With my ordeal situated, I observed the motel aesthetics. It was a one level brick building with maybe ten rooms to spare. The parking lot was empty save for my vehicle and another which was more than likely the clerk’s inside the office. I had passed this placed hundreds of times on my way to work, but never gave it a second thought. It had a sort of eerie feel about it, with the desert backdrop, occasional dust storm, and isolated appeal, it would fit perfectly as the basis for a slasher flick. As if on cue, my stranger friend popped up out of nowhere at the side of the driver window “ok, we have room now”, he said and motioned for me to abandon my seat in the car. I rolled down my window, dreading the surge of heat that was to hit my face. “I’m fine, I’ll just sit in my car.” He raised his brow and smiled, showing a seemingly ideal set of enamels. “I take long showers, and don’t want you to use all of your gas.” “Come,” he said again and opened the door. “ I promise I will not bite.”

Reluctantly I followed in pursuit thinking to myself had he known how I had gawked at him earlier, he should be the concerned party. I entered the threshold of the room and was pleasantly surprised to find the interior fairly decent. There was a queen size bed with floral bedspread, dresser with a tv, and a sofa in the far corner by the only window facing the street. The décor looked to not have been updated since the late eighties, but other than that the space was quite doable.

I sank into the sofa cushion as he fumbled through his bag, finally pulling out a white t shirt and another pair of faded jeans. My mind wandered to the discussion that I had planned for today’s classes, and I found myself absentmindedly whistling.

“If you are bored please watch the television” he stated with an amused look on his face. “ No I’m fine” I stated and matched his gaze. The look that he gave me communicated that he had no objection to my simple statement. As my eyes widened his smile grew in accord, and then he turned and walked into the bathroom. My eyes followed his every move until he turned the corner, and hearing the rushing of running water I averted my eyes to the scenery outside. It took a few minutes to realize the thick humidity in the air, but as I looked toward the bathroom , steam had infiltrated the area occupied by the sink and mirror, and was seeping towards me slowly. I straddled the sofa and arched my body to get a closer look and just as suspected the door to the bath was ajar. Before I could straight up I caught a glimpse of skin as he turned off the water, opened the curtain and walked out. With a motel towel loosely draping his lower torso, he used another one to dry off his hair, being oblivious to my gaping stance. I straightened to my original position and lowered my eyes. As if reading my mind he turned toward me, his gray eyes probing my thoughts.  Instinctively, I rose and headed toward the door after realizing that he must think me crazy to still be in the only room appropriate for him to dress. After all, the bathroom had turned into a sauna. As my hands fumbled for the doorknob, I felt his body press u against mine. His hand encircled around my waist, and traveled up until it reached my hands that were securely fastened to the handle. He whispered in my ear something foreign that sent chills down my spine and caused me to surrender all defenses. I arched my back toward him, pressing even further against his groin, and shut my eyes as I felt his muscles tense and his hands slip under my sundress.

He teased me with his fingers, stroking his hands in between my thighs, then finally slid my panties down. Turning me toward him I opened my eyes again as my heart ached to see the intensity of lust and passion in his eyes. As his lips touched mine I let out a soft moan. My hands tugged at the rest of the towel still dangling on him, exposing his swollen member. I stroked him gently and watched as he winced in ecstasy. He was definitely ready to be released.

As if responding to the request, my arms wrapped around his neck, and I hoisted my legs around his taut waist. He kissed me deeper as he positioned himself to enter my dripping walls. He grunted and with one swift thrust he was inside of me. As we swayed back and forth on the motel interior, I clenched down on him to the point of tears. He fought against my resistance by thrusting even harder, sending us both into a piercing climax.

I lay exhausted in his arms as he carried me to the bed and rolled me on top of him as he stretched out on the bed.  He caressed my hair as my head rested upon his chest, and my eyes grew heavy from the gentle caresses. They were abruptly opened as I remembered that I still had not received this man’s name. Feeling a bit embarrassed but too spent to care, I softly inquired. If I thought a rebuke to come forth out of his mouth at having allowed a nameless stranger fuck my lights out, I was delighted when he burst into laughter.

Raising my head to look at him he calmly said “Ash. Now ride me.” And with that we were off again, touching, grabbing, and sucking our way to multiple more orgasms. When finally we were truly spent, I lay in a puddle of sweat and juices and happily drifted off to sleep with my handsome stranger by my side.

As I came to, I blinked twice in astonishment- had my eyes really just left his on the roadway. Sucking in slowly, I screeched to a halt a few feet in front of him. My cheeks burned as I blushed with the realization of the epiphany that was just laid before me.

Rolling down my window I beamed a smile and spoke. “Well, is it hot enough for you out here?” He leaned against my window pane as sweat dripped from his brow. “Yeah I know, I could use a shower.” As he crossed the street to enter my vehicle, my legs tensed with anticipation of the events to come. Today would definitely be one worthy of a sick leave of absence.

Tamuriel L. Dillard

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